May 20, 2009

~~~Second Day~~~

May 20th, this is the second day that we are in Beijing city. With a nice and sticky lovely morning call, we are going out with the same time as yesterday. The “Summer Palace” is the first places we are go to visit. It’s three times bigger than Forbidden City, I heard from Lisa. There is a huge lake in the summer palace. I imaging maybe as huge as UMD. One of the most interesting find that I love in the summer palace is a show of professional painting by some Chinese professor. Those painting are very shooting me up, I watch it and I just want to take it away! I love art in personal and I got art design as my minor. Looking at those professional painting gives me a though that painting can be create by this way.
this is summer palace,

the upper two painting are neat~!

i remember i saw this guy's painting before, but i just cannot get his name out of my mind

this painting would be my favorite, use very simple like to create woman's texture, couple line makes the painting alive. it looks so ~~~! if i got money, i will go for and buy it!

I am moving very quick. So we are after lunch by now. Next place is Bird’s Nest, where the Olympus ceremony takes place in china last year. This building would be my one of favorite. Bu just looking at the design, I cannot imagine how those guy build up a building like this. As you go inside the Bird’s Nest, it is other huge place that I have see for today so far. It is fun to see, and we play some out door sport today, so nice! And the water cube is good, but we do not get a chance to look inside. That is sad.

Then, we go to a tea house, it is a cool place. Those lady makes free sample tea for us to taste, and teach us to drink a typical tea with a typical way. Also we go to sew house, I just fell that sew is so comfortable, and I buy a very special type for one of my high school teach.

May 14, 2009

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Check for H1N1 Update

May 12, 2009

H1N1: The Quarantine Life

Be prepared:

According to the Chinese government, all passengers on the same flight will be quarantined for 7 days if anyone is found to have a temperature above normal. It happened to NW19-NW29 May 7th. It will happen again, maybe to our group. Please see some pictures about the quarantine life. Hope you are able to read Chinese. The bloggers are all really good.
Here are the links. Link1, Link2,
Here are with English Translation First, Second, Third, Fourth

May 10, 2009

First suspected H1N1 case in China

The patient was on the flight from MSP to Tokyo to Beijing to Chengdu. Our group should expect tightened inspection on our flights. Read the news here

May 9, 2009

Is this fear mongering? China Quarantine Passengers due to H1N1 scare

Check the report from youtube

China instituted procedures to screen H1N1 on international flights:

Warden Message: Beijing Border Authorities Introduce H1N1 Detection Measures

Consular Affairs Bulletins

East Asia / Pacific - China

6 May 2009

This Warden Message alerts U.S. citizens to the latest information regarding human cases of 2009-H1N1 Influenza, sometimes referred to as swine flu.

China has instituted the following procedures for border authorities to screen for the possibility of influenza among passengers on arriving international flights:

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Temperature Taken on the Flight

Chinese Ministry of Public Health, China Custom, China Department of Homeland Security have established some strict rules to control swine flu (H1N1). All the flights from US would be checked. Every passenger is expected to have the temperature taken. I am glad that the technology being used is not for under the arm, or under the tongue, or others, but laser technology. Have you seen this before? Be prepared