Book Report China and the New World Order

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China and the New World Order

                This book by George Zhibin Gu was a very interesting book because it gave a lot of information about how China has changed from the old world to the new world.  This change has helped to open China to the world and benefits everyone that they interact with.  Before the switch to bureaucracy China was so shut off that the citizens within China had fees they had to pay to visit other cities. 

                China has begun its industrial development and has benefited greatly from these new businesses in China.  According to this book many foreign organizations have set up factories and new businesses in China which has come with great success.  These new businesses have helped bring more money into the country of China and have given people more jobs to work in.  European businesses have been one of the biggest success stories.  Some of the businesses that have been brought over from Europe are; Nokia, Nestle, Bayer, Volkswagen, Philips, and Siemens.  These companies are making massive profits in China because employment is so cheap compared to many other countries.

                George Gu talked about how this country only shortly ago had very little manufacturing to being in the present one of the biggest powerhouses in the world.  In 2005 China produced 80 million television sets, 300 million mobile handsets, and 70 million air-conditioning units.  Nearly 60% of the exports from China came from foreign-funded businesses which is a massive amount.  Recently China has thought about raising the value of the Yuan which could be a great for China and other countries but it could also have some drawbacks.  China could become a more competitive country than it was in the past.  This increase in the Yuan value may also have advantages for other countries with businesses inside of it.  With this new economy in China it has become the world's largest consumer of mobile phones with over 400 million users in the country.

                The book talked about how China would be one of the best places to invest money in for the next 10 years.  It was discussed that with this growing economy and such large population they are having very rapid development.  The consumer products and service sectors are believed to be the areas with the largest growth potential in the near future for China because citizens are increasing their demand for consumer goods and services.  The book discussed that because there are still drawbacks with the government and many things that limit what citizens can and cannot do, they are pushing for changes to be made.  Peoples rights are coming out as an important issue that the country needs to change and the citizens are fighting to have their voices heard.

                China and the New World Order was overall a great book.  This book taught me about the many transformations that China has taken in the past few decades and how it will be the new powerhouse once the issues with the government are changed.  It is amazing what advances have been made so far and I think it will be interesting seeing how the country is doing now after this book was written.

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