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Today was the first day of real class with a Chinese professor.  It was interesting but for me it was just a review because I study finance at UMD. I did like the professor, he covered a lot of the main areas of finance and he seemed to know the material very well.  After class we went to an interesting soup restaurant.  This place was very cheap like the others, but it was different.  This was the first time that I chose stuff by picture not knowing anything what it was.  It turned out to be very good and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  We then went to two tours, one to a winery and the other to a milk production facility.  It was interesting to see both of them, but I wish that it would have been possible to have an English speaking tour guide.  This was the only negative part of the tours.  I feel like we would have learned a lot more with someone who could tell us everything about the operations about the facilities.


One of the more interesting parts of the day was when we went to play badminton towards the end of the evening.  We got there and it was closed, but the security guard opened it up for us to play for ½ hour. After we got done playing we were walking out and we heard a Chinese student say UMD from the screen above him.  We all turned around and said that we were the students.  The reason why this was interesting is the way that it seemed he would do anything for us to be friends. He was very friendly and went way out of his way to help us secure a badminton playing area this week.  His dad worked at the university and we had very good English.  We talked for a while and he finally found a way to reserve a spot for us, but I am not sure how it will work out once the time comes. 


We went to Ali Babsas again and it was fun just like last time.  We talked a lot and played some games to learn more about each other.  It was very interesting and now I am looking forward to another day in China!

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How good were the Chinese badminton players there? Or was it just you visiting students???

If you're a badminton player you should check out the site I listed, it's pretty sweet.

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