Police and Ambulance

Today we were discussing the lack of police officers in this town so far.  We rarely ever see a police officer or any other emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks.  This seems really odd to me because I see all kinds of this stuff every day in Duluth.  It is almost a little scary thinking about if something did happen where someone needs urgent medical care, a building is on fire, or someone is harming other people.  Who will be there to help and fix the problem?  The police officers don't carry guns, so who will stop a criminal, or how does this not make people less afraid of the cops?


It seems like the overall safety standards are a lot lower here that in the US.  Every time I walk next to the scaffolding next to the hotel I am worried they are going to drop part of it and hit someone.  It is almost a little scary for someone who is used to having ambulances available within minutes to here where I have not seen one this whole time.  I haven't heard any sirens at all yet.  This is definitely different since I hear so many random things out of my window but no sounds from emergency vehicles.  

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