Sunday- Tianjin!

I do not even remember what day is it that we are in China. Anyway the Sunday in China was really good. As usual we got up early and went to class. In Class I sat by Nancy and Sindy. they both are so wonderful and friendly. They were super talkative and I loved that. We have decided to go shopping soon. We exchanged email addresses and skype names. I cant wait to hang out with them. After we got done with class we went to the opera show. I had to say it was a quite different experience. Having had to sit thru a show for 2 hours without knowing the language is hard. Although i loved the costumes and their acting, I still could not get the story. So, I did not enjoy it and well I fell asleep in the show. However, when Sabrina told me the story later.. I had fun listening to her! :) We also went o play games with the Chinese students. We played badminton and ping pong. They are super good at what they play. I want to e able to go there again. At night, an interesting ting happened. Since I had not got dinner, I asked Kevin and Erin to come and get dinner with me. We entered a random restaurant and sat there. Everything in there was chinese. There was no soul that knew english. It was a struggle but somehow all of us manage to get in there, order, eat, and pay and get out of the restaurant. What I really loved about this place was that even though they had an opportunity to cheat on us, they did not. They told us the exact price and did not lean towards getting more money. I was amazed by that. However, it was a good day. I fell asleep at 10 pm and had a first good night sleep in over 10 days. :)

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