The Coming China Wars

The Coming China Wars is a great book written by Peter Navarro. The book starts out with various situations that people have found themselves in.  They range from losing money in your bank account to your father almost dying because the prescription medicine lipitor is filled with fake ingredients.  It really puts you in the position and makes you feel helpless as a person.  The book is then broken down into 11 different chapters, which each focus on different environmental and social concerns.  They give a great summary of the different events and make it easy to follow, so someone who has limited knowledge can understand it clearly.  

One of the most interesting chapters to me was about piracy and counterfeit.  Before I read this book, I knew that counterfeit goods were a problem, but I thought they were only for consumer goods such as clothes, sunglasses, movies, etc.  The most disturbing thing to me is to find out that prescription medicine counterfeiting is a problem.  Thinking that you will be fine only to find out that the medicine you bought was fake and actually hurts you only more is the reality for a lot of the people who order their drugs from the internet.  

Each chapter is broken down into different sections and there are many quotes from different publications.  These quotes help to clarify many points and are very interesting to read the sources of them.  The contents of this book range from the need for coal (and the harmful side effects), the need for oil, the counterfeiting, the war on drugs, issues with water, and issues within the country.  It is a very good book for a basic understanding, but it fails to go into depth in any of the sections. 

This book is a summary of the major issues within China and it's goal is to show us that it is capable of being a "dangerous situation."  It comes to the conclusion that "If all the major stakeholders in the coming China wars come to understand the high stakes involved, appropriate steps can be taken, all of which are difficult."

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