The streets of Tianjin

We walk the streets daily and many things are comparable to big city streets and many things are just strange.  I'll let you decide!

The first thing I've noticed is the abundance of holes in the street but no yellow cones or tape to alert you to the danger.  Sometimes the hole is accompanied by a Chinese man digging or installing piping.  There are also missing street bricks all over the place.  With all this uneven footing, you would think that all people would wear sturdy footwear.  However, the Chinese women are interested in looking tall so many wear high heels and are quite amazing! 

Another thing about the streets is that the sidewalks, the roads, the lines mean nothing.  Cars drive on sidewalks and frequently park on sidewalks.  Bikes travel the roads or sidewalks and weave in and out of traffic (or between) at all times.  I'm not sure why this city has lines because cars frequently cross the center line to pass the cars and then cut off the cars when making a right hand turn.  It is crazy and I expected that we would see many more accidents but it somehow makes sense to the residents. 

A final thing that I've noticed is that many of the construction workers live in the middle of the street in tiny trailers.  We figured this out last night when we noticed that a man in his underwear was outside the little hut standing holding the door open.  It is all so interesting here!

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