6/01 Chinese Weddings Edited

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On Friday me and Kevin went to the mall to find some clothes.  While we were there we noticed that there was a wedding taking place, which it was a nice day for it.  We went over to the wedding with Tracy to see what was going on and ended up taking a picture with the groom and bride which probably would not have happened in America while the people at this wedding were laughing and taking pictures of us with her themselves.  Some of the things I found out that day that made Chinese weddings different from American weddings were the festivities and symbols.  In China when people get married often times there is a large celebration and fireworks are lit off which is different from America because we do not use fireworks.  They are used to tell the city that a couple is getting married Tracy said and its to help with the festivities.   One of the other things I noticed awhile later was a convoy of red cars driving down one of the main roads, there were around 10 or more.  I asked Tracy about it and he said it was for a wedding also and the color red symbolizes purity, joy, and celebration.  The wedding parties in China often ride in red vehicles and it is part of the Chinese culture.  In the United States Americans often ride in black or white limos but in China white is the sign of mourning which would be inappropriate for weddings obviously.  There are some differences between Chinese and American weddings that I have not learned but I hope to soon.  These were perfect examples of how China and America have differences in the way weddings are planned and held.

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In Australia a chinese bride will usually wear read during the ceremony and change into a white dress at the wedding venue. Cultures have different rituals! Great Post thanks

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