6/13 Traffic Issues

In China I have noticed over the past month that there are very few traffic issues even in the larger cities.  This has amazed me because when China is compared to the US there is a huge difference between them.  Even in the Twin Cities with far less than a million people there are bad traffic problems at times.  Also I have noticed that there is almost always road construction being done around the cities and this is causing large congestion problems to occur.  In China I have seen very little congestion even with a city of around 20 million people.  Through our drives on the highways I have also seen very little road work being done which surprises me because in the city you can see a lot of different roads being worked on.  In the US you will see accidents quite often or people with car problems on the side of the road.  Also almost anywhere you are there is always a pull off lane on the side of the road in case you have car issues.  In China you very rarely see people with cars stalled on the side of the road or with flat tires.  The entire month I was in China I saw maybe 1 or 2 cars on the side of the road from accidents.  Even with these massive cities accidents are very low compared to the US. This low accident rate and road construction not being as bad as the US helps to make traffic not nearly as much of a problem as in the US.  Also the style of driving that people do in China helps with less traffic, what we may think is unsafe driving is actually normal driving in China and it helps to move more people on the roads faster.

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