Adventure in Beijing

On our last free day Saturday in Tianjin, Charlie, Amanda, Sarah and I took the bullet train back to Beijing for a fun day of shopping.  It was quite interesting getting around town with out native speakers.  Thank God, Sabrina was there to get our tickets for us or we would have never made it out of Tianjin.  We had a new experience at the market, and experienced new things, even more than the first time we visited.  This time, we actually made it to the fourth floor where there were high-end shops that were fun to pursue.  I also had a new experience in the bag area, where the women grab onto you and will not let you go.  Honestly, one lady pulled my black shopping bag almost to the point of it breaking.  I was in shock of these women and what they do for business.  Also they yell at you non-stop and chase you through the shopping area to come back and buy items from them.  Well, it was a very successful trip and everyone bought memorable items to bring back for their friends and family in the states.

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