BBQ with the Chinese students

Today we had a BBQ with the Chinese students that have been showing us around Tianjin and that have been attending class.  It was bitter sweet for everyone involved in the fact that we learned a lot about culture because they took us out all the time and told us what we should do.  It was sad though driving away from about 15 sad faces waving to people they will probably never see again. They are all so wonderful and amazing, not to mention so generous.  I will miss Tianjin and all the interesting people I met along the way.  It is sweet in the fact that we get to move on to seeing Shanghai, which I'm sure will be an amazing experience.  But also bitter in the fact that we need to leave the students behind, after they had given us so much.  Back to the BBQ, the Chinese students loved it!  We had a few minor glitches at first with charcoal not starting up.  But then the Korean restaurant saved us with charcoal that was already hot.  Everyone loved the cheeseburgers and chicken.  It was a great farewell.  

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