Bonding Time

Bonding with the people here is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I can't even imagine trying to go this by myself, not knowing the language or anyway of communication.  It is great having Sabrina with us all the time because she can talk fluent Chinese and it makes it a lot easier to order food, and communicate with the locals.  She is amazing; I think I may be in love.  At first I had major culture shock when we all first got to Tianjin, I mean honesty, the cars will run you over if you don't watch out.  You will even get run over on the sidewalk by the electric carts and millions of bikes.  Although the work ethic here is pretty amazing!  One day you see roadwork and a closed off street and the next day, the street is paved and looks brand new.  Ethics here are so highly regarded and held to the highest degree, whereas, in the U.S. there is more of an emphasis on leisure activities.  

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