First day in Shanghai!!!

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One of the things I was most excited about during the China trip was going to Shanghai. It is such a well-known city and is featured in a ton of movies so I couldn't wait to see it for myself. When we arrived I first noticed all the smog. In a city with 21 million people there is obviously a lot of pollution and it's too bad they never get to see the sun! I also noticed all the sky scrapers and how tall all of the buildings were compared to the other cities. Since the space was so limited they just kept building up and up. There were sky scrapers for miles and miles. I just can't imagine how much work goes into building one of those humongous buildings, they're absolutely huge! We also went to the World Financial Center building which is the tallest building in Shanghai and has the world's highest observatory. Waiting in line to go up was brutal and once we got to the observatory I started freaking out a bit. The floor had glass pieces in it and I was afraid to walk on them, thinking I would break through the glass and die. The building also had a slight sway to it because we were up in the clouds and this freaked me out as well. Waiting in line to take the elevator to get back down was awful too. I just wanted to get out of there and I felt trapped because we had to wait in line for so long then take several elevators to get back down. I'm glad we did go to the World Financial Center because I've never been in a tall building like that before so it was a first for me. It was also awesome to see the building whenever we were in downtown Shanghai and I could say, "Hey I was all the way up there!"

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Everything sounds really cool except the glass floor. I had problems climbing
the stairs of Eifel Tower, i can not imagine how it is to walk on glass.

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