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Today was our last time in Beijing.  We first went to the Temple of Heaven.  This was cool to see but we were all tired from all the sightseeing previous days, and the crazy party the night before.  After a little shopping and lunch, we took the high speed train to Tianjin.  This was the best part of the day for me.  It was really interesting to see the differences in train travel from Europe.  All the stations I have been to have been in old, historical buildings.  The station here looked brand new looking more like an airport terminal.  We also had to go through security which was also very weird to me, since I have never seen that in a train station before.  The biggest difference was that there were gates and a waiting area for the trains.  They check your ticket before you get on the train and you can't walk around freely to other platforms.  I thought that they would be more like every other train I have been on and they check your ticket when you are on the train, and you can roam around freely.  It felt more like an airport than a train station, and I think that I wouldn't like it if I had to travel by it frequently.  

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Another beautiful mountain and sea areas is Sai Kung, there’s a Seafood Street where you can handpick life seafood, have the restaurant cook them any way you like and enjoy in front of the sea. If you’re into the nature, there’s a beautiful Maclehose Trail that stretches from Sai Kung, in the eastern side of the New Territories all the way to the west. The entire trail takes more than 10 days to walk, you’ve to know where the exits are if you dont plan to finish the whole trail, it’s free to enter and exit, just bring enough water and a mobile, and do not go there at night time, just in case, there may be some illegal immigrants hiding in the bushes. There’re some small but beautiful beaches in Sai Kung, many big and mini buses go there.

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