Last Day in Shanghai Looking Back

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Through this experience we have learned a lot about the Chinese culture and how they are so similar to the people in the United States. The place that seemed the most similar to the people in the US was Shanghai. This is because many of the people that were here spoke a lot of English.  Everywhere we went we could find someone to help us that spoke at least a little English.  Many of the shopping areas had brands that you could find in a place like New York not to mention the New York feel.  Though the city was much larger than any of the cities in the US it seemed to be much more modernized than any of the other places we experienced and it made me feel more like we were in America.  The city was very touristy with many people trying to sell you things that only tourists would buy much like New York.  For me I did not notice as many beggars in this city as in others maybe it was the places we went but the cost of living in this city is higher than in other cities from what I was told.  The city had a business feel about it because you would see so many people walking around the city in nice work attire and it was very different from the casual feeling in the other cities we visited.  I think Shanghai was my favorite city because it had a big city feeling and the architecture was amazing.  They really knew how to make these buildings look amazing and I enjoyed the boat ride where we got to see the city lights at night, this was by far the most impressive city we saw on the trip and I was very happy to get the chance to see it.

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GrĂ¼sse von der EXPO aus Germany von vor 4 Jahren. Das muss man erlebt haben - thanks.

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