Mosquito Nets

As soon as we stepped foot on that island in Wuzhen I couldn't wait to see where we were staying. Our bags were being taken care of for us and all we had to do was cross the little waterway on that ferry to get on the other side where there were long and narrow streets leading through various shops and eating spots, and even family dwellings.  Allie and I landed a spot in the building with another single room where Charlee would be staying and we walked into a big, clean, and somewhat empty entrance hall where winding, steep stairs without railings led up to our rooms.


The place was very quaint with the huge shutters open so that the windows were open wide and you could hear chatting in various languages on the streets below and in other villas across from us. As we opened our doors all three of us gasped to see our beds draped in mosquito netting. Of course I had seen this on the travel channel before and heard stories from a friend who studied abroad for six months in a sustainable community in India, though I hadn't actually slept beneath one before. I didn't really know what to expect with the bugs upon seeing these - but it made sense with the windows being wide open all day and night.


The afternoon and evening had been rainy so the bugs weren't actually that bad - maybe 2 or 3 mosquitoes flying around total that night. I did however, get freaked out by the giant spider outside our door that Allie and Charlee had a late night battle with - and lost. I made Allie tuck a towel under the door so that the spider couldn't come crawling in later looking for revenge. I also zipped up all of my luggage so that I wouldn't get any surprises later and I even tucked my netting all along by bed between the mattresses to be extra safe.


That island was so cozy with the rain and vacation atmosphere - I wish we could've stayed for longer. It was definitely a setting that I'll never forget - and will always have that perfect spot to compare the rest of my travels to.

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