Our Friends

Today was the day that none of us was looking forward to. It was time to say goodbye to our great friends and the city that became home to us for the past two weeks. 

 Before leaving to China we were told that we would get to meet some Chinese students and we would have the chance to interact with them.  This seemed like a great experience and a chance to learn more about the culture.  This is what I knew before we went to China, but now I know that this friendship has become deeper than any of us could have imagined.  Even though we have only known each other for two weeks, I feel like we have known each other for at least two months. 

 What I really liked about this friendship is there was a mutual interest in each of our cultures.  We were so curious about the differences and similarities in our daily lives.  I don't want to speak for the Chinese students, but I feel like they learned so much about my culture without even going to the United States.  They were asking many thoughtful questions and were interested in anything that we could tell them.  We asked any questions we could think of and they would always try their best to answer the question to the best of their knowledge. This mutual interest in each other is a reason why some of us became so close over the past couple of weeks. 

 I really enjoyed everything that we did together with our new friends.  We had some good times in the classroom learning about business and culture, playing sports, going to dinner in markets, making dumplings, coffee shops, and any other thing that we did together that I can't think of right now.

 We left our hotel just about four hours ago, and now we are sitting on the train heading to our next destination. It is hard for me to think that our time in Tianjin has past already.  It is clear that we most of us wanted to stay longer in Tianjin, and that we did not want to say goodbye to our new friends.  If someone told me before the trip about how great of people we would meet and how much we would enjoy their presence, I would be a little skeptical about it.  After spending just one day with them, I was already impressed and realized that we would become good friends. Over the two weeks, they have become some of the best people I have ever met.  We all appreciate what they have done for us during our stay in Tianjin.  They are great people and we will truly miss them a lot.  I hope that we will continue to stay in contact with each other in the future and hopefully we will meet again someday in the future!


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