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A small little city by the name of Dubai.  Located in the United Arab Emirates and right on the Persian Gulf, this city is gigantic.  Very much like Shanghai.  When I was there back in March,  I was pretty much overwhelmed at the sheer size of everything, especially seeing the tallest building in the world.  Now I am reminded of that feeling once again because Shanghai is almost as equally as enormous (and most likely bigger).  It's is safe to say that I have been the most physically exhausted in my entire life twice on this trip.  Waking up at 5am and then heading out to the Shanghai Expo at 7am and then waiting in line after line and then walking around to see all the buildings.  My calves burn and I cannot wait to fall asleep.  Going up the Shanghai World Financial Center was an experience that will be impossible to forget.  I feel that I am a city boy at heart and I love the city life.  Everything from the landscaping, to the tall skyscrapers, to the people, I am in love with.  Hopefully someday soon I can come back to Shanghai and possibly even live here for some period of my life.

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