Almost Famous

The first few days in China were definitely an eye opener for me. During our first sight-seeing trip we were at Tiananmen Square and everywhere we went people were taking pictures of us. It was so weird to all of us! We felt like celebrities and it was pretty cool. People left and right were grabbing our arms and pulling us toward them to pose for a picture. Even when we would pose for group pictures, people would take a picture of us! We were American and looked very different from all of them so they just loved us. They especially loved the blondes, myself, Curtis, Sarah, and Eric. They were so use to seeing only dark brown or black hair that they starred at the blonde hair. When Sarah and I would walk around, just us two, people would stare at us! Two blonde hair, blue eyed girls walking around was a treat for them. It was fun for the first few days but by the end of the trip I was so sick of people asking for pictures and people starring at me. Starring in the United States is considered very rude so I just wasn't use to it. At the World Expo is where I lost it. Everywhere Sarah and I walked; people would grab us and ask for a picture. I would just continue walking and say, "No." I was very annoyed because the excitement of being famous was getting old. I was ready to go home and be normal again, where I would fit in with everyone else and not stick out like a sore thumb. Truly being famous must get very annoying! I couldn't even imagine having to deal with the paparazzi and photographers everywhere you went!

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