Chinese Culture: Face and Harmony

I have learned a great deal from this study trip in China.  In numerous lectures from Nankai professsors, what impressed me most is Chinese culture.  One of the features they have been kept referring to is face and harmony. 

In Chinese culture, great emphasis is placed on reaching a consensus within the work group, and on not causing somebody to "lose face".  For example, in Asian culture, particular Chinese culture, a manager who criticizes a subordinate or colleagues, especially if this is done in the presence of others, can cause this person to lose face.  In other words, the subordinate will feel embassed or even insulted by the boss. Therefore, in Asian corporate envrionment, when people have concern about each other, they usually exchange ideas privately and try to use a subtle way avoiding to hurt people's feelings.

Meanwhile, the communication in Chinese society is indirect and non-confrontational, as individuals try to minimize the loss of face and preserve harmonious relationships.  By constrast, western style tend to be straightfoward and put everything on the table.  When we find out problems, the whole working group work together and try to resolve the issue. It is hard to say which way is better when it comes to problem solving.  But there are 1.5 billion people living in the other side of the world follow the culture inherited from ancesters thousand years ago, it absolutely deserve people's respect and appreciation!



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