Chinese Culture: Guanxi

In Chinese culture, guanxi refers to person relationships, means close contacts.  It is the most important aspect of Chinese business culture.

Guanxi may also be of importance within organization in the sense that good personal relationships can promote a more open and direct communciation among colleagues; Guanxi networking can offer a number of potential benefits; for example, more sources of information, more opportnities, and so on.  The professor told us, in Chinese culture, who you know is more important than what you know.  I think this is somewhat similar as that in U.S.  The network of people is always important, especially for the business major students to explore careers. 

This study trip in China, we got the chance to visit Pudong Devlopment Bank, Tianjin branch, one of the most famous local banks in China.  We were treated very well by the management.  They patiently answer all kinds of questions we brought up and prepared us very nice umbrella as souvenirs. As a matter of fact, it is because the general manager of the bank is Dr. Li's close friend.  Owning to the close guanxi,  we learned the first-hand knowledge and had a great visiting time.

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