When I received the information regarding study abroad program, I was really thrilled and looked forward to participating.  Primary reason for me, obviously, is this will be beneficial for my work besides 3 credits for MBA study. 

China, the place I was born and grew up, and always felt attached to, did not disappoint me at all.  The trip has brought me so many pleasure surprises and left me the best travel memory ever.  Not to mention, I have met such a dynamic and energetic group.  I did enjoy talk with them, hang out with them and learn things from the perspective of young Americans.  Most importantly, Dr. Li, our leading professor and organizer, put in the great painstaking effort to make it perfect for everyone. The whole study trip is informative and rewarding!  

For myself, on the other hand, I feel ashamed that still so many things about China I wasn't aware of or did not even know about them.  One reason for my ignorance is that China is really big, vast in territory and abundant in resouces. The other is that in daily life I did not appreciate my culture enough put in time to study it. 

My working goal is to become the conduit building up the bridge between U.S. and China, to facilitate people's interaction and deal with international trade.  China is my root, as much as I work hard and devote myself to U.S, I will love this great land as always!



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