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Syllabus: Updated with contact info

New Blog, China Info sesh

Curtis, be my roomy or I will be sad and unable to fully enjoy my trip... You have no choice really, so deal with it.

How to Blog at this Site

You are required to post blog entries during the trip. Instruction about how to blog can be found from the link.

Remember: You donot create your own blog. Instead, click on the link Login to UThink in the upper right corner of the start page. After you log in, you will find the UMD LSBE Study-in-China on the Dashboard.

Basic Chinese

Other people's experience suggests that you learn some basics of Chinese, so that you are more powerfully equipped when you are in China. Please refer to this website
Download this file Useful Chinese Phrases.docx


Time: March 31 2010 5:00-7:00pm
Location: LSBE 310/320
Refreshment provided

Orientation Outline

1. Introduction
2. Visa application form
3. Insurance card
4. Breaking the ice
5. Syllabus
6. How to blog
7. Check out the book
8. Learning Chinese
9. Q&A
a. Conclusion

How to Fill Visa Application Form

How to Fill Visa Application Form.docx.
Click the link and pay attention to the requirement of the photo.

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