5-22-11: Sunday

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The Summer Palace was crazy. The main corridor is over 700 meters long, and everything on it is hand painted with intricate detail. I could not believe what I saw. Also, more street vendors-this time trying to sell as soon as we stepped off the bus. The coolest thing I though was the marble boat. The original boat was burned, so what did they do? Made a boat out of marble that cannot be burned. It was quite the sight to see, even though it can't float. Did I mention we sang for a crowd of people? They were having such a good time being together in song, and they played jingle bells for us! It was INCREDIBLE! The Olympic village was awing. The thought that they built the Birds Nest and it has only been used for 3 or 4 events surprised me. You feel like a needle in a haystack when you step inside (very large). The 90,000 plus seats seem to never end. At the Water Cube, I found out that there is a water park. I never knew that. There was a DJ to go along with it. I was amazed, and the people looked like they were having so much fun. I wouldn't have minded a nice dip in the pool. The marketplace again proved to me that you need to know how to bargain. I bought a phone case for 10 Yuan. I talked the lady down from 65. That was quite the mark up, but I think I could have gotten it for 5. You just have to be stubborn. Set your price and stick with it. The kung foo show was cool, too. You could see that those warriors take their practices very seriously. I could not believe the shear strength that they showed. I would be afraid to get into it with one of them. They always kept a serious look, and did not seem to acknowledge the clapping and cheering until the show was over. Something you don't see in America. Time for bed though. We leave for Tianjin tomorrow!

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