Balling with the Students

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Today we went and played a little pick up game of basketball with the students at the university and they were actually pretty good. I might have been taller than everyone by a good 3-4 inches but that didn't translate to me playing well at all. One thing a noticed was that one team was winning every time ( you play 4v4, first one to five baskets and the winner stays) so when it was our turn I asked one of them how many they have won in a row at that point and he just shook his head and said " no no we don't keep score just play for fun". I thought that was strange but kind of cool. After someone would make a tough shot or "break someones ankles", they wouldn't showoff or even show emotion when everyone started cheering. You would never see something like that in the NBA or the US for that matter which I also thought was kind of interesting. But it was kind of nice and relaxing to play some sports for once with no pressure or anything but just to have some fun playing around.

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