Day 10 - E-Shopping and Chinese BBQ (05/29/11)

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Today was more of a relaxation day for me. I met with a Chinese student today (Martin) who helped me order some things on one of the many Chinese online stores.

Online shopping seems to be growing in China even more than in the US. However, I feel that this is more of a generational change than a cultural change because e-marketing is growing everywhere.

For dinner, we met with more Chinese students who brought us to go eat Chinese BBQ. To get to the 'restaurant' which was more of a gigantic Food Street, we took a bus. I have never seen or been on a bus as crowded as I've seen in China. While in Duluth, we might have all seats taken and a few people standing... the bus we took to get to our destination was completely packed. All seats were taken, and those where were standing were packed shoulder to shoulder.

Chinese BBQ was delicious. In Western culture we associate BBQ with grilling, but Chinese BBQ is a bit different because everything in skewered. The process starts with the cook preparing all of the skewers for customers to choose. The customer will put the skewers that they want cooked in a basket, then give it to the cook who will grill it over a trough of charcoal, then serve it to your table. It tasted fantastic.

I unfortunately forgot my camera while going out today, so no pictures again.

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yestoday, the number of people on bus was less than other time. i mean most time the bus is much more crowded than yestoday's.

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