Day 3 - Beijing

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Got the first feel for the market place today. We were only there for about an hour but it was overwhelming to say the least. Everyone would be coming up and grabbing you at every shop trying to get you to buy the same knockoff designer things that every other shop has. They also don't even give you a chance to look at what they are selling. If you just stop for a split second to look at something, they will hound you about buying it right away. It is really fun to haggle with the shop keepers though. They will offer some outrageous price to start but most items you can get down to less than half of their first price. I bought some sunglasses for 50 when the starting price was 300. And I still feel I was ripped off. I hoping to get a little more experience when we get to Tianjin and get some good stuff later in the trip.

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