Goals In China


While in China I want to take in the Chinese cultural and how they live day to day. I also want to learn about their telecommunication systems and the affects of having certain potions of the World Wide Web blocked. I also want to eat some amazing food.


My Goals for China,

1) To study the contrasting societal perceptions of social networking between the US and China. Specifically looking at the use of Facebook, Skype and Twitter.

2) To meet local college students and learn about their cultures and perception of "college life," as well as what subjects are viewed as appropriate courses of study in China.

3) Learn about Chinese culture, beliefs, social conventions, life styles, food and art.

Nice bucket of goals you have there. I am pretty sure that you will gain more knowledge as Chinese is one of the first civilization during ancient times. I've already visited China, and I was surprised that they still value their culture and their beliefs knowing that they have the world's second largest economy. Their way of life has a mix of old traditions and new technology. With their nearly 4,000 years of history, people around the world will definitely have a big interest on their ways of life, and I am one of it.

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