Humbling to wash and sh**

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Today China and Vincent have taught me a humbling experience.

China and its marvelous food from street vendors, non-drinkable tap water and small set-up shops have taught me that I am really not invincible. I recall talking to Bailey and Courtney about how "resilient" the human body is when it comes to physical abuse. Well, China has put that statement to the test. I have been eating things from the most iffiest looking vendors and even some delights such as frog, cow stomach and coagulated blood, and my hunger will take me almost as far as trying dog. Right now I have had pretty bad diarrhea for about a day or two now and it's pretty much my own fault, as you can tell.... But it's all for the experience and love of the culture! I feel much better now and won't go into anymore details about my bowels.

Vincent (and China) have also taught me that washing clothes is TIME CONSUMING! Because we didn't want to pay about 3rmb per article of clothing, Vincent and I washed our clothes by hand with the hotel soap for a while and hung them to dry in our room (we later bought laundry detergent). Today Vincent made a remark "I feel like it's very humbling having to hand-wash your own shit... Especially your own socks and underwear". Yea, it's hard and a bit of a drag.

These have helped me realize that washing machines and clean water are really a luxury. So now when you all think about "luxury gifts" from our lecture today and whish to give me a luxury gift, give me laundry detergent or a bottle of water.

Much appreciated! :D

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