In Beijing - Day 2 (sorry for the delay)

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Well know I know why it is difficult to blog things later; I can't remember it... But here it goes.

Great wall, porcelain factory, tiananmen square.

First of all, I could not believe what the Great wall of China had in store for us. One thing I noticed further along the day on the Wall was how wedding photos are taken before the actual wedding itself. (correct me Dr. Li) I was glad Alex and I ran into this as everyone ran further along the path, as I was able to witness this cultural difference. Although I am not familiar with getting married or have attended a wedding in my life that I can remember, I now want to understand why the American culture despises this (superstition?). But whatever I say, here is a picture that I took as the couple were together.


After the big Wall, the group headed to Tienanmen Square. I was fortunate enough to join Vince and Alex before we went to the location as a group. We are able to see all the flags raised in the morning, along with the massive amounts of people that were there during our visit. I will attach a photo once I get my USB drivers for my phone to transfer the photos.

The porcelain factory; very talented artists. The art of making porcelain items just amazes me. Each one is handcrafted, one by one, into a piece of art with many man-hours behind the piece. Every single piece has a story, whether you try to guess what the state of mind the artist needs to finely create the masterpiece, but how the entire process of even making this art is possible. As the group has experienced, we learned that the artists have at least 3 years of experience in doing the type of work they do, but some may have captured how tedious it can be. I am not the best at story telling, but I will show the pieces of art that have been created and looked at during our stay at the porcelain factory.


After a tough day of walking probably the most distance in my life, I cannot complain. This trip is going way too fast for me. Time to interact with the students from the university in the morning.

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