In Beijing - Day 3 aka. Mike is the MAN

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In Beijing - Day 3 (pictures to be uploaded once I learn how to do it; I will edit this post along with day TWO of Beijing, stay tuned)

Opening off the day, the first stop was to the Summer Palace, which is a gorgeous location. The many people in this location set the atmosphere, as I believe it was very comforting and touching at the same time. The finest part for me was the music scene, as many people have gathered around to sing Chinese songs, seeming to bring everyone's emotions out as everyone is determined to have a great time. As a hint of the music was heard, I spot Dr. Li run up the steps past the many people sitting on the sides, looking very excited and emotional, these words still cannot capture what I saw in his face.

Picture of old man conducting the foreigners while singing Jingle Bells.

Along with the experience, the American group members were literally dragged up to the main stage to perform with mass amount of people that were there to sing and watch. They were offered instruments to play the beat, such as some bells, tambourines, and cymbals. The last song I experience before we had to leave was "Jingle Bells". Everyone instantly danced and sang along, while the paparazzi took photos of our group, feel as we have gained a little bit of superstar power in a place dominated by the Chinese culture.


After all of our adventures, Alex, Blake, Vince, Mike, and myself went to a massage parlor, the first time I ever had one. Although I would like to write a story about this event, Alex probably has a better story. The story that I have though is Blake and I were called cuties, although Blake has the better looking nose then I do, which I am jealous of.

Although this was maybe the last time I'll ever visit this location, I believe the main thing I learned about this event is to bring out your best emotions while partaking in events such as these. I want to bring some of this culture back to my primary home, the U.S., and share the experience that the group and I have gained while being in this beautiful city. Now it is time for our next stop, Tianjin.


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