In Tianjin 2nd Week - Asian Barbeque from last night and the start of the 2nd week of class

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Good morning from Tianjin. The main event for yesterday was an Asian style barbecue, which was all about portions of food on a stick, a shish-ka-bob (correct me) style of eating. There were many types of food on a stick, including scallops, Chinese Sausage, BBQ pork and chicken, and many other varieties of food that I had to try for myself. The most interesting piece I tried to eat was chicken neck. For me, it was tough to eat since the meat and bones were not every spread out, leaving a lot of meat behind. At home, my parents told me to try to eat chicken foot, which I have still never tried, since I do not know how to slurp the meat off the appendages. I know Dr. Li would be a little mad at me for not knowing how to eat it, but I am trying my best to eat as much as possible.

In my family, we eat later then usual compared to the American culture, as their main rule is not to eat after 7pm, or a time around there. This has led to my roommate, Tim, asking me why I can't eat so much breakfast in the USA, as it is emphasized on eating early to start up your metabolism. Maybe this is why I have a little fat on me? Haha. I hope I can try to eat either around the clock, or time my meals so I can eat a good breakfast in China.

During our stay at the barbecue, I noticed now that us as students are trying to be very hospitable, either trying to pay for the transportation costs for the students of Nankai that join us for dinner, and trying to pay for them for the food that they have eaten. It is very noticeable how many of us as foreign students are trying to adhere to the Chinese culture. In my view, I feel like this is a good change, as I try to pay for meals and transportation costs in the United States. I hope everyone can bring this kind of hospitality and improve our "Minnesota Nice" when we leave China to go back to the United States. By saying that, I realize time is going very fast, and I do not want to leave the beautiful scenery and culture of China. I give my best thanks to all the Chinese students and tour guides that have helped us get around in the country of China.

Now, it is time to prepare for a day of lecture with the students of Nankai University.

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