In Tianjin 2nd Week - Marketing in China and the SHE market

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During yesterdays lecture, Professor Liu Jianhua discussed the implications of doing business in the Chinese market. Many topics were interesting, as I am Chinese and do not know many of the topics discussed. Although I know China is a collectivist culture, establishing relationships is very easy. The path to friendship seems very family oriented, going from being a stranger, being familiar with one another, become friends, being a sworn brother, and then joining the group family. This contrasts how people develop relationships in the US, although I see it as being a stranger, getting familiar with one other, and then becoming friends. After this step, it is cut off, as you are not sworn brothers, and do not become part of his/her group family.

Another topic discussed during lecture is the purchasing power of China vs. USA. Although the Chinese make much less in salary vs. the USA, purchasing power in China is very strong. This discussion led us to the SHE market in China, which was very apparent when we took a journey to Parksons mall. This mall included very many luxuries, and US name brands as well. If you tried to compare prices vs. US prices, some are similar, but some items are way to expensive compared to the US. One big difference I saw was how 2 out of the 9 floors only catered to men, while 7 of the 9 floors were strictly feminine products. This shows how China has already catered to the SHE market somewhat. I believe this is similar to the SHE market in the US, as there is only a corner of the store for products that men can choose to purchase.


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