Shopping Tianjin Style

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Not a big shopping fan but I did go shopping today. We started at the Old Tianjin Shopping Street, which reminded me of a tourist trap back in the states they had all the little trinkets to bring home for gifts to people back at the states. I bought my niece Kennedy a little thing that that has her name spelled in Chinese for her.


This is the guy that made it.

On our second stop of our shopping adventure today. We went to what I would call a mall. But it's not covered you basically walk up and down streets. The place we went to probably was bigger then the Mall of America in size but it seemed like it only had to about 12 or so stores that would just repeat themselves as you walked though the place. We stopped and ate in the food court had lamb kabobs and just for old times sake a shwarma that a middle eastern guy was selling.

By the end of this trip I'll be ready for summer, since the it was hovering around 90 degrees today. Probably going to have throw the winter jacket in the boat when I go fish Lake Superior when I get back.

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Wow! What an interesting project for the Humanities Council to underwrite. I shall look forward to the essays all the way to July. The scope of interest in this collection never fails to surprise me. If Hugh's first darkroom had not been in his parents' home which burned there would have been more photographs showing the University at war. It is hard to remember what else was destroyed at that time.

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