The Art of the Chopstick

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One of the very first things I noticed about China culture is that they defiantly do not use any western style eating utensils for their meals. I was well aware that I would run across chopsticks while I was over here but thought that I would maybe have the choice of what I wanted to use for each meal. Found out very quickly that was not going to be the case. I have used these sticks in the past but more so for playing with my food when I was younger or for anything but actually eating the American-style Chinese food. Looking back I wish I would have spent a little more time honing this art because I was completely lost the first few times over here. My hands would literally be sore after the first few meals and would sometimes cramp up during the meal. But it is either: A. Learn and adjust to the sticks, B. Starve or C. Try and ask for a fork and risk looking like an idiot. While I cant say I have mastered the techniques yet, my skills have definitely improved enough where I can eat a full meal without spilling all over myself or make a fool of myself completely. But I suppose it is still early enough in the trip where I can find other ways to do that.

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