Tianjin: Day 4 (Friday)

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Today I learned how big this campus really is. Being that it was the weekend and everyone was anxious to do something, so one of the first things that a large portion of the group chose to do was play basketball. May have been a bad idea because of how hot it was, but it was worth it. As I tried to catch up to the rest of the group, I got to see a lot of the campus that I didn't even know existed. It was great to see all of the students out and about. I got to also see some of the many activities that many of the students took part of: gymnastics, football (soccer), and of course, basketball. The dorms were huge and filled with bikes to the point where it was hard to get to any of the doors. It seemed like a lot more people stayed on campus than at UMD. If I understood correctly, Nankai University provides housing to all of its students. That could be why I saw so many students still around campus. Overall, the campus is huge and has many people.

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yes,you understood corectly that Nankai University provides domitory to all students.

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