6-10-11: Friday

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After today, I can honestly say that I am glad to be done with the lengthy bus rides. But at the same time, today's 4 and a half hour bus ride was well worth it! Shanghai is amazing. The difference between Hongzhou and this city is BEYOND dramatic. As soon as you pull off of the highway into the downtown area, you can tell right away that this is where the "high rollers" are going to be. We visited an upper end bar and restaurant area, and there were three car dealerships that stood out to me. Lamborghini, Spyker, and Rolls Royce. Absolutely incredible. Moving back in time though, going to the tea village after lunch today was quite the experience. I have never seen such a perfectly, lush, (and somewhat cliche) countryside in China until I saw the village today. They take their tea very seriously here, not only by the time that they put into picking, harvesting, and brewing, but you can also tell by the smell and taste. I purchased a few boxes of green tea today. They were initially for gifts, but I may have to keep them for myself after the sampling :). That is all for now though! Shanghai is beautiful and I can't wait to see what differences there are between the developments here and the ones that we saw in Tianjin!

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