6-8-11: Wednesday

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I slept surprisingly well last night on the train. We were warned to have our things ready to go right away, otherwise we might not be able to get off the train. It seemed like there were people trying to sell us things as soon as we got off the train. Also, that train station needs to install some ramps! I have never struggled so much with luggage in my life! When we got to the hotel, I went and had breakfast. The options here reminded me of the first hotel in Beijing. There was a lot more variety, and everything was steamed, rather than being doused in oil. This city is amazing. Definitely more of what I was expecting China to look like. According to a man that Blake and I ran into today from Georgia, this is more of a tourist city. Anyways, on the cruise tonight, there was a little girl who was singing and dancing for us. Very cute! After the cruise, her mother and grandmother had her take pictures with many of us. It is amazing how people love to take picture with tourists, or are willing to let tourists take picture of their children. The kids are very cute, but I would be a little hesitant to let a stranger take a picture of my child. Oh well. Most of the pictures and memories we got were extremely cute!

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