6.12.11 Importance of gardens in China

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This was the last day in China not including the traveling day tomorrow. We started it out by heading to the Yuyuan garden. It was very beautiful just as were the many other gardens we had seen over this trip. China values gardens very much because it is place where people can connect with one another, nature, and beauty. The older generation of Chinese like to come here to spend their day with being captured around beauty while getting exercise. Many of the common themes of the gardens included Bonzai trees, Coy ponds, old structures where rich people had once lived and dined, rare rock formations, and so one.
We had our last dinner later that evening and had to bring this journey to a close. I felt like a rock star on this trip. Our tour bust would roll us up to the front entrance of almost every must see place in Beijing, Tianjin, and China. We would have people waiting for us everywhere to teach us about everything from recycled waste to fine silk. Our tour guides were absolutely great. Never will I be able to thank them for enhancing the experiences and places we got to see. Lastly, thanks to everyone who went on this trip. I am grateful and proud of everything you were, everything you are, and everything you're going to be.

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