6.8.11 Suzhou

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We got off the train early in the morning. We were in the city of Suzhou. Our tour guide, Joe, took us to Tiger Hill and Zhouzeng Garden. The garden was probably one of the nicer places I saw on the trip. The bus then took us to a large shopping area. The off streets were all cheap but when you got on to the main road big stores like Nike had shops and the clothes were more expensive than in the U.S. It was a hot day. Later we took a cruise in the canal. Suzhou is the Venice of the East. For one the tower at Tiger Hill leaned just like the leaning tower of Piza. Also, the cruise I imagine is much like Venice because of how the houses are built submerged in the water and the steps go right in the water. At night, the group went to the KTV karaoke club.

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