Adventure time in Shanghai

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Today, I took the subway back from the garden with Vince, Alex, Danny (the ABC's lol) and Paul and Tim. We easily managed to purchase our tickets and find the right subway and even found the right exit. However, we did eventually get a little bit lost after walking most of the way back to the hotel. When we stopped to ask a lady on the street if she knew where the hotel was, we were surprised when she responded in English and pointed us in the opposite direction we were walking. Well 20 minutes later we realized that she had sent us in the wrong direction.... but as we were sitting down and resting, waiting to turn back around; a biker appeared. The lady that had given us bad directions has realized her mistake and sent a young man on a bike to tell us so. I thought this was rather an unusual act of kindness and a strong display of integrity. This lady knew that she would likely never see an of us again, but she still felt obligated to send the biker to help us out. I really thought this a grand gesture and it was quite touching. All in all, i am glad we got lost for a while, I had fun walking around the city and taking everything in.

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