Advertising and Aesthetics

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I have noticed throughout our trip the advertising and attention to detail in China seem to be much different than the United States. In Beijing I immediately noticed the gardens that appeared almost everywhere along sidewalks, small roads and even the expressways. There are trees, shrubs and even many flower beds which line all routes of transportation. It is very pleasing to the eye for these plants to be added as many of the large cities in China have been mostly pavement and concrete as far as the eye can see. These small details are a great step to bringing some nature and natural feel back to a modern day city.

I have also noticed the location of advertisements and banners is dramatically different than back home. Here it seems that if there is a flat surface on a building it is a prime location for an advertisement. Many billboards in the United States are out in the open in a stand-alone fashion. Here in most cities the billboards can be found on apartment complexes, shopping malls, train stations and many office buildings. Even a curved surface is acceptable for advertisements. I was surprised to see a VW advertisement on the corner of an office building that had a rounded edge which took up about a 40 x 15 m space.

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