Book Report (The coming China War)

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Before we left to go on the trip we were assigned a book to read to get us into a Chinese mind set. I choose The Coming China War by Peter Navarro.

The book I felt was written as a scare to the American people about some of the practices that go on in China. One of the biggest is the coping of products. I saw this in the knock off market in China. There are actual stores and markets that sell designer bags, watches, and anything a person could think of. I know if i was the one that made these products I would be upset, not just from the losing of income but some of these products are really inferior to the product of the real nature.

Peter Navarro has listed many things that the world needs to worry about from pollution, to population and China's ability to have such cheaper labor due to it's large population down to political upheaval. I thought it was a very good read and addressed a lot of the problems that we see in China and what we need to do to solve this before it becomes an actual shooting war with real bullets instead of bullets.

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