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Today was toured TEDA and got to see a 1/750 scale model of the entire city. It was really really cool that they went through the effort to put this visual together when most modern city planning is done through computer programs. The model was very detailed and really highlighted the size of Tianjin and the numerous developments being constructed. The growth that the city and surrounding areas is experiencing is truly tremendous and the city appears to be laid out very well. Tianjin still remains primarily a port city where manufacturing and shipping are the dominant driving forces behind its economic growth. Thus they have paid great attention to the logistics of the city, creating super highways to connect Tianjin with the surrounding cities and ports. One of the things I have noticed here in China is that although their infrastructure is till behind most Western civilized nations, the speed at which they can replicate Western planning is astounding. With such a tremendous labor force, the Chinese are significantly faster at building our their infrastructure and adopting to their changing needs. It would be interesting to see some of the economic growth forecast for Tianjin and see what sort of anticipated growth they expect to see from the local businesses.

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