Clubbin in China

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Thursday night most of us went to the Scarlet night club in Tianjin. Here we had a private booth and bottle service. The two biggest contrasts between clubs in the US and China is that in China you can smoke and the dance floor is really small. They also had dancers on the bar here. I am definitely not a fan of the smoking, everyone leaves stinking of smoke and the air is really thick. When we are at the clubs, i feel like we get mixed reactions from the locals...some of them just glare at us and watch us while others are excited to come dance with us. Scarlet was definitely a very fun experience and it was fun to dance with everyone. The dancing style is definitely very different here but you do here some of the same music which is really cool. The students our age definitely still like to go out and drink and have a good time just like we do in the states. We also met some people from the US and from Germany; its always fun to run into some other Americans and see why they are in China.

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