A Tastey Cost of Living

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Today Vince, Danny and I were walking to the Carre Four to buy some supplies. On our way back, we were discussing the cost of living here in Tianjin vs the cost of living in Duluth. I guess we assumed that living in this hotel was about 100 RMB a day. That all pans out to be about $430 USD a month including utilities, breakfast and your sheets cleaned every now and then. I guess it's not so bad considering that the cost of living in Duluth is about $400-$600 a month give or take utilities. Now consider this, your cost for food is roughly around $100-$150 for food give or take $50 for eating out. Now in Tianjin, it's only about a fraction of that. A meal in Tianjin can cost you anywhere between a couple of cents, to a $1. I'm pretty psyched that eating a full meal here is about $1.

So all in all, even living at a hotel in Tianjin, your basic needs are pretty much covered for a little less than living in Duluth. That's pretty interesting? If my calculations are off, let me know!

On another note, we visited Master Kong today and it's pretty awesome how they make their noodles. Vince, Danny and I were so impressed by the taste during our visit, that we decided to buy some from the grocery store. Delicious. The food in China has been more than palatable. I wish food in America were as inexpensive and easily accessible as in China. I hope someone from the food industry in the US reads this blog.

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