Day 15 - Lecture and Sports day (06/03/11)

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Today we had a lecture about various international businesses and how they adapt to their local market. It was interesting to learn about how some fast food restaurants develop new menu items depending on the location of their restaurant (McDonalds offers Taco like food in Mexico, and offers chicken wings in China.)

Later, we had sports day again. This was just as, if not more fun than last week's sport time.

I think what I learned from most was having a conversation with Josh. We talked about how it is very culturally different where people go to shop here compared to the US. In America, we tend to only shop from big well known stores, whereas in China people seem to shop wherever they want because people seem to trust everyone else.

You can often find a better deal buying things at smaller shops or markets compared to the established shopping areas or supermarkets. I think this is great because it encourages business for the smaller businesses, over the already established companies who are already making a steady income.

Unfortunately, I took no pictures today, sorry =(

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