Day 16 - EGO and Karaoke (06/04/11)

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This morning, Danny and I went to EGO to do some Electronics shopping. Shopping here in China can be very different from the US. The culture is very market based; anyone can set up shop and sell their wares. There are often areas for various merchants to gather to set up their shops, and often times these places arrange the merchants in 'genre's of goods. EGO is an Electronics shopping marketplace. We went to a place similar to this in Beijing, but this place felt much more legitimate. There are four floors, and each floor has a theme. The basement floor was writable media and printers, ground floor was laptops and home appliances, second floor was peripherals and phone gadgets, and third floor was desktops and computer parts. In each floor, merchants set up in small cubical like areas, and above these areas they have signs for what brand they are selling for.

This creates a unique environment where you can go from merchant to merchant asking for price, then telling merchants that another seller was offering a lower price. This is very different than the US where one store will sort the items by function of the item, not by brand. Because of this, you can also bargain for the goods you are looking for. I personally preferred this shopping compared to the shopping in the US where you are stuck looking for the lowest price.

After lunch the group went to Karaoke with a few of the Chinese students. It was really fun to be able to experience since I hadn't gone to karaoke before. Apparently it isn't done in the afternoon in the US, as I quickly noticed after a few comments from my fellow group mates. After about an hour, the differences in culture started to show as we ended up splitting up between the two rooms (not a bad thing, we all had fun). I think that the language barrier got in the way of being able to intermingle much, as no one wants to sit in a room where you don't totally understand what is being said or is going on.

Here are the pictures for the day:

Inside EGO

Piggy back ride!

Starting off the Karaoke

Sing and DANCE!

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What can i say, you know what you're doing, so keep doing it!

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