Day 19 - Presentations and leaving Tianjin (06/07/11)

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It is really unfortunate that we can't stay longer, but it's okay because our time here has been great. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we've all learned a lot in our two weeks here in Tianjin. I would like to thank all of the Chinese students for helping us out while we were here. Showing us around, helping us shop, and just welcoming us was a wonderful gift on its own. I will miss everyone in Tianjin, and I regret not talking as much as I should have, I need to get over being the shy guy that I am.

To get to Shanghai we rode a train for something like 14 hours. We got to experience the push n' shove of traveling again. It seems to be the only time where people aren't terribly courteous to you in China... when people need to get somewhere people will try to push their way into line, probably because they aren't part of your group.

The train ride was something else. Each compartment was pretty small, there were four half twin beds, bunk style and a tiny space in the middle for leg/bag room. All of us seemed to have way too much baggage for the compartment; we filled the storage space above the door, had a few bags in the leg area, and even had some bags on our beds. I'm sure this isn't normal for most travelers, but we are staying here in China for close to a month and needed to pack accordingly.

I think it's pretty different to use trains as a main function of transport from city to city. In America we do have trains, but they seem to mostly be used to transport raw materials or other goods. I've only rode a train once to go to another city, and that was for a field trip. I'm surprised that they aren't being used more often considering the rising cost of gas (road trips) and plane tickets.

Pictures from the day:
Gift exchange
Saying goodbye
Going to the train station

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