Day 22 - Boats, tea, and shanghai (06/10/11)

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Today we went on a boat ride, followed by a tea ceremony (and learning about the freshest green tea available), and traveled to shanghai.

The boat ride was similar to those we've had before, but provided a few more photo opportunities. It was refreshing to meet people willing to wave back to us, as we waved to other dragon boats with fellow tourists. This is actually much rarer than you would think, as people tend to stick to themselves here in China if they don't associate with your group.

Afterwords we learned about tea growing. We learned that green tea is best picked very young in late March. We also learned about its antioxidant effects, and cleansing abilities. We learned that green tea is best when it is picked early, and thus more pricey. We were also offered to sample some of it, and it was delicious. I think it is interesting how the world seems to be split on either tea or coffee, but generally never both. Tea seems to be getting more attention lately, because of its healthy attributes.

We made our way to Shanghai today. It is much busier than I remember. I don't think I could ever live in Shanghai, it is way too active for me. Things are also much more pricey here than they have been in other places we've visited. It seems that, like anywhere else, the heavily populated or tourist attractive places generally have higher prices than everywhere around it. Just driving around in the bus tonight, we have experienced the permanent traffic that Shanghai has to offer. We have also found that there are significantly more English speaking people.

Architecture is significantly more complex here in Shanghai, and in general around China. There seems to be more focus on curves, or more organic shapes than the typical bland blocky tall building. There also seems to be an influence on light here. At night, the bottoms of the highways light up with a cool blue light, and several buildings follow by changing their lit text to this same cool blue. I haven't come across this in the US, but it was totally beautiful.

Here are a few shots from the day:
Enjoying the boat ride
Smells good
Nature in the city

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